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25 February 2013


 February 25, 2013
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My husband suffered cardiac arrest last year in the month of July. On the second day of the incident, when he was still lying in the ICU, I visited Sri Sai Siva Vishnu temple with my mother and family members. On seeing us, temple priest MR. Rajaram garu guessed something has gone wrong with my family. When we told him about my husband’s episode, he suggested us to do Mruthyunjaya homam the next day itself. Though he was busy, he has allocated time for us the next following day and performed the homam with his own expenses. When we tried to pay for the pooja, he refused to take it. He wished and prayed for our well-being and told us that all he need from us is being a true devotee to GOD. My husband is out of danger now and back to routine life. We visit Sri Sai Siva Vishnu temple regularly. My family and myself are so indebted to GOD and the Priest Sri Rajaram garu who took us closer to GOD during that difficult phase.

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  1. Sonia Nath says:

    We have known Priest Rajaram for more than fifteen years he his one of the best priest I have ever come a cross. The very first time when we saw him in the temple we felt we are looking at the god with his smiling face and his beautiful nature. He was very kind, caring and very honest. We were struggling so much and we decided to do pooja at our home and when he came and did pooja at our home, we felt so much peace and our home was full of joy and happiness, as we felt that god is leaving in our home. When ever he came to my place we felt blessed.

    When ever we do pooja he is always in our thoughts…………

    But unfortunately he moved to Melbourne and it’s very hard to find a very good priest with honesty and understanding…. who really cares for people’s problem and does pooja with whole heart … and tries to help people in trouble.

    At the moment we are facing very difficult time with money, family and health. We hope that Rajaram will come over to our home in the near future to do pooja and hawan so that we can regain our health, happiness and resolve our problems.

    Rajaram we would like to thank you and your family and may god always be with you and bless you heavenly,