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24 December 2012


 December 24, 2012
Category: Guest Book

I had been out of work for couple of months. And during this period I met the head priest, Mr. Rajaram. During our interaction, he strongly suggested that I must pray to Lord Ganesha and offer Druva grass and a Naivaidya(fruit/flower) to Lord Ganesha on a daily basis. I was also advised to say the prayer “Vakrathunda Mahakaya”. Apart from what he said, I also read the Shree Sai Satcharita for a week. On the 8th day I got a call for an interview. I did not get the job but was referred to another position within the same organisation. I wish I could have been given the above advice earlier. What worked for me may not necessarily work for others, especially if you do not have the faith. But I am confident Mr. Rajaram, is more than happy to assist those who are facing challenges in their lives but who also have faith in the almighty and are ready to help themselves. Like in all professions I have seen enough number of poojaris in my lifetime. But I will remain extremely grateful to Mr. Rajaram for his simplicity and his accurate guidance.

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