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15 June 2014


 June 15, 2014
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My name is V.Balu and I am from Singapore.

Last December 2013 , during school holidays I brought my two teenage sons along with my wife to Melbourne on the invitation of my beloved cousin Mr N Rave and his devoted wife Jayaanthy.

We were in Melbourne for a week and we visited all the temples and when the couple brought us to this amazing Sri Sai Siva Vishnu Temple, we were mesmerized and immediately indulged with the environment and it’s calm tranquillity.

It was a good feeling for my family indeed.

We for a moment realized God was sitting in the temple . I stand in reverence before every human being and see God in him .

The young man who built a temple out from a factory environment, that godly man who works there and worships there for everyone’s betterment, and to each is due, not scorn and blame, but reverence and praise.

Now I believe, people all across Australia and the region are starting to shower more faith and trust in this particular temple.

We will come back to the heights of greatness, back to Melbourne’s proudest temple who will undoubtedly champion for world peace.

Thank you Mr & Mrs N.Rave for the eye opening.

May the good lord continue to shower his blessings to each and everyone.

God bless,

V.Balu & Family

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