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9 August 2014


 August 9, 2014
Category: Guest Book

I have been visiting SriSaiShivaVishnu temple for about an year and I would like to share my most recent experience with you all. Recently I have lost my employment and I was searching for new opportunities.
I was able to go through all the rounds except for the final round. I even had couple of offers where I was told that I got the job, but in the nth minute they came back saying it has been offshored or the position is kept on hold. This has made me really sad and depressed.
When I discussed this issue with priest Rajaramji, he asked for my rasi and nakshatra and he advised me to offer garland with chick peas to lord Shiva on every Thursday. During this process I felt so peaceful and had my confidence back. I have done this for seven weeks and after 7th week I have received call from reputed organisation and they have offered me a good position. I believe this is all because of sriSaiShivaVishnu blessings would like to thank priest Rajaramji for his blessings and showing us the right path.

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