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Lord Subramaniya Prana Prathishta

15 June 2014


 June 15, 2014
Category: Guest Book

Dear Rajaram Guruji,
We would like to thank you and Sri Sai Siva Vishnu Temple for giving us this wonderful opportunity to be part of the divine ceremony of Lord Subramaniya Idol Prana Prathishta Pooja. We were very happy with the auspicious event on that day. Everything took place smoothly and the ceremony was a great success. All these are not possible without the support of the kind volunteers, participants and devotees who graced this auspicious occasion. We would like to mention a special thank you to all the volunteers who tirelessly performed their duties, the musicians who rendered awesome divine music which was a great feast to the ears, Dr.Gayathiri Rajaram who sang lovely bhajan songs, and the volunteers who prepared tasty food which was a real feast to all devotees and participants.We also like to thank the volunteer who prepared the laddu prasatham… they were really tasty and yummy. The last but not the least Rajaram Guruji who is the main captain of the ship steering and guiding all devotees in the divine path. God Bless All.

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