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The management of Sri Sai Siva Vishnu Temple is very much like the following example in our Hindu history:

Sri Rama and Baratha were the eldest sons of King Dasratha, the ruler of Ayodhya. Following Dasaratha’s rule, Sri Rama was to take over the management of Ayodha kingdom. However, on the basis of Sathya dharma (upholding promise), Sri Rama undertook his forest exile for 14 years and forgave his righteous entitlement to the throne.

As the next in line, Baratha was to rule Ayodha in Sri Rama’s absence. Due to Baratha’s overwhelming Bakthi (faith and devotion) for Sri Rama, he knew that no one else was befitting to rule Ayodhya, including himself. So, Baratha placed Sri Rama’s divine padukas on the throne, with utmost respect, and performed pooja prayers in chanting Rama’s name. Baratha did this without fail during his management of Ayodhya until Sri Rama returned. Hence, there were four types of management (Rajyam) in Ayodhya:

1. Bagavan (Sri Rama) Rajyam
2. Sri Rama nama Rajyam (chanting of the Lord’s name)
3. Sri Paduka Rajyam (Lord’s divine feet)
4. Baktha Rajyam (management by the devotee, i.e. Baratha).

As per the above management of Ayodhya, the almightly Lord is the primary management of Sri Sai Siva Vishnu Temple. The Lord’s name and padukas are the foundation of this temple’s management. However, upholding the righteous practices of Hindu dharma is an honour and duty that befalls every one of us in the society. Therefore, like Baratha, we as bakthas request that all true devotees of the Lord assist us in managing this temple as Baktha Rajyam.

For further details and important matters, please contact the temple founder, Guru Rajaramji.