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Vignesh and Rama Krishnamoorthy said

1 July 2012


 July 1, 2012
Category: Guest Book

I would like to share an event happened with us after starting to visit this temple. Before this, I wish to tell few things that I like with this temple. I see that every festial,poojas are performed here without fail and also follow shastram-sampradayam to a greater extent. Infact its via their regular e-mails that I am reminded of certain small occasions which get slips out of my mind. Unlike few other temples, one of specialities here is they also perform swami thiru kalyanam, sathyanarayanan pooja and also serve anna prasadam for dinner which is tastyy also 🙂 This is an another thing which makes me like this temple and its people including all of them who dedicate themselves to make arrangements for these poojas. Now coming to the event, after I started visiting this temple which is just once or twice that I had been here, there is a very important occasion happened with us. We could buy our own house which was rather not a planned event but it seemed all of a sudden. Though we had plans to look for house but not started to implement it, it just looks like it was all that came our way. When we visited this temple for the first time, we had talks with the priest who was asking us whether we are getting our own home when would it be, it was all casual talks. But few months later itself, the opportunity knocked our doors and we ended up in buying the house which we were renting itself. We reckon the divinity of the temple as one of the reasons for making this happen to us. Hey Bhagvan sada sabka bhala ho !!

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