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  1. Thank you Guruji for your wonderful service to the Australian community. My parents are visiting from India and are amazed to see your media gallery! They see your website first thing every morning. Wonderful and engaging website. We look forward to visiting Sri Sai Siva Vishnu Temple when we’re in Melbourne.
    – Ankita, New Jersey US

  2. Hare Krishna!!! The website is very fresh, clean and has necessary information one looks for! The temple has become a Home to my family. Guruji & Gurumatha definitely make everyone feel the vibrations and ensures The Almighty visits the temple each & every day with their excellent dedication, devotion through Pooja, Bajans and upholding the Dharma. I personally feel the purpose of me coming to Australia is fulfilled! 🕉 Shri Gurubhyo Namaha 🙏

  3. It is an immense pleasure to view the updated website. I was actually awestruck . Guruji , Gayathriji & our temple family is one of the best part of our lives. For my children, the Temple is their second Home & we feel privileged being part of this Divine fraternity.

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