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  1. The Power of Prayer:

    Sri Sai Vishnu Temple has been an incredible blessing to our family and the Hindu community. We are endlessly grateful to Guruji and Gayathriji for all their timely prayers, homums and support they have provided throughout any difficult times. We are so fortunate to have found our kuladevam temple here. The power of prayers is clearly evident from the miracles that have helped our family.

  2. Through the blessing of dear Guruji, my source of concern and stress was removed. Guruji’s guided us to overcome the obstacles and true enough I managed to secure a good job. Guruji is very humble and down to earth person. The rest of the volunteers (temple helpers) are very helpful and kind.

    We (my family) shall continue our patronage to Sri Sai Siva Vishnu Temple as a commitment and support for our answered prayers.

  3. Stop and read…just saying PLEASE
    Untold journey to Shri Sai Siva Vishnu Temple goes back to my manifested time about seven years ago. We were greeted with smile by a humble man dressed in saffron coloured attire, with never forgetting introductive words, “How can I help you? “
    Since then, Guruji had articulated many positive words of blessings and prayers to my family. My children love his friendly and humours approach as he makes them very much connected to youths of modern era.
    The Thursday temple visits had become a ritual as my very special social outing whereby I gain the insight of calmness and peace. I will be still tapping my happy feet from the kirtan rhythm during my after drive back to home. I am not forgetting the team of blissful volunteers who prepare heavenly dinner.
    My home, my work, my husband’s return from emergency ward and many more positivity had been uplifted because of the faith and mega dedication by Guruji who fragrant Shri Sai Shiv VishnuTemple.
    I have more authentic stories…wait PLEASE

  4. 🙏 🙏 🙏

    ShreeKrishna ShreeKrishna ShreeKrishna

    In continuation to my thanks on the mic in the morning, we the whole family want to add some here, to what was said earlier, as some of you missed to attend the ceremoney of my Sashtiapthapoorthi, for your own valid reasons.

    With the kindness of our beloved Guruji the celebrations was divine blessings on all of us.

    This blessings, yielded a delicious lunch with the great effort of our “Kitchen Volunteers”, and office Manager.

    Each and every guest praised the function and our temple food to a greatest level of satisfaction. I trust that you will all agree very much with the above words.

    God- Guruji bless us to enjoy this together again and again for ever…..

    Thanks to our beloved Guruji and each one of you….

    Raja Meena Sumanth Savita and Dineshwar.

    🕉 श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः ஶ்ரீ குரு ப்ரயோ நமஹ🛐
    நன்றி. வணக்கம் . 🙏

  5. Hare Krishana!

    I am bankrupt in my vocabulary to post this feedback. The website is very comprehensive, user friendly and up to date with all the information needed by visitors to the excellent production quality of the site.

    Self and wife Ponnammal ( Rajitha) has been blessed to be devotees of the temple from almost day one.
    Gurujji and Dr. Gayathriji works almost 24 x 7 and I appreciate the way they conduct all the pujas, and cultural activities and encourage talents. Skill sets, of youngsters by offering several opportunities to perform and showcase these almost in all the improvident events like Diwali, Pongal, New Year and others. For all most all the auspicious days there is Anadhanam provided by the temple and tasty food is made by volunteers.

    Personally, several of our families’ wishes has been fulfilled by visiting and praying here and grace of God. We have been blessed to conduct my daughter’s Seemandham,my 70th Birthday here. One can feel the positive energy as soon as you enter the temple.

    The volunteers, bandhus has been doing very devoted job and I am happy to be part of the Bajan Manadalli playing the percussion ( Mirdhangham)

    Seeking Guruji Rajaramji’s blessings.

  6. Hare Krishna!!!
    We (my entire family) feel so blessed to be a part of this temple family.
    We’ve been coming since the day the temple opened and it is amazing to see the development and progress.
    To me this temple plays a very integral part of my life and has a special place in my mind.
    Guruji (mama) has always been very kind to us and remembers everyone personally which feels extremely nice and gives us a sense of belonging …
    Will continue to be a devotee and do my services in what ever way we can …
    Dr Rethika Ravi

  7. Thank you Guruji for your wonderful service to the Australian community. My parents are visiting from India and are amazed to see your media gallery! They see your website first thing every morning. Wonderful and engaging website. We look forward to visiting Sri Sai Siva Vishnu Temple when we’re in Melbourne.
    – Ankita, New Jersey US

  8. Hare Krishna!!! The website is very fresh, clean and has necessary information one looks for! The temple has become a Home to my family. Guruji & Gurumatha definitely make everyone feel the vibrations and ensures The Almighty visits the temple each & every day with their excellent dedication, devotion through Pooja, Bajans and upholding the Dharma. I personally feel the purpose of me coming to Australia is fulfilled! 🕉 Shri Gurubhyo Namaha 🙏

  9. It is an immense pleasure to view the updated website. I was actually awestruck . Guruji , Gayathriji & our temple family is one of the best part of our lives. For my children, the Temple is their second Home & we feel privileged being part of this Divine fraternity.

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