We offer a range of pooja prayer services to help you achieve inner peace and prosperity. Our dedicated ceremonies bring divinity and harmony to all.

Sathyanarayana Pooja – Monthly

The divine Sri Sathyanarayana pooja is performed every month with katha, bajans, arthi and annadhanam dinner prasad. Sponors required. All are welcome to participate in pooja!

Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesha -Fortnightly

The auspicious Pradosha pooja for Shiva, Ekadasi pooja for Vishnu and Chathurthi pooja for Ganesha are performed every fortnight according to the Hindu Calendar. All are welcome!

Shirdi Sai Baba Pooja – Weekly

The very special Shirdi Sai Baba pooja is performed every Thursday Guruvar at our Hoppers Crossing Temple (monthly at Epping temple). Join us for divine bajans, arthi and annadhanam dinner!

Nithya Aradhana Pooja – Daily

Daily prayers are offered to all deities at the temple. Every evening at 7.30pm, all are welcome to participate in this Nithya Aradhana pooja with archana and arthi. Sponors required.

Your Special Occasion

Guruji and Sri Sai Siva Vishnu Temple come to you for your special celebration. Wether its your new housewarming, wedding or any divine occasion, start your new life chapter with blessings!

All Hindu Festivals Ceremony

Celebrate all your special occasions with divine positive energy and blessings! All Hindu festivals are celebrated with utmost faith, respect and dedication that is pure bakthi.

Divine Bajans

Sri Sai Siva Vishnu Temple Bajan Mandali, headed by Dr. Gayathriji, renders divine bajans at all auspicious events at our temples, Dhik Vijayam cultural programs and external venues! They are regularly invited to housewarmings, weddings and auspicious ceremonies to bring divine vibrations and enthusiastic positive energy into the hearts and lives of all people! Book them for your next event!

Venue Hire

Do you need space for your cultural function? Why not perform your traditional ceremony at Sri Sai Siva Vishnu Temple. There are a range of options to choose from with or without annadhanam food catering and/or decoration to suit your needs and budget. Please note that there are food/beverage restrictions that must be upheld as it is a sacred temple premises. Contact us for more info and pricing. Celebrate your life’s occasion with blessings!


Annadhanam food donation is a fundamental principle of Hindu dharma. All those who attend our special temple events and weekly Thursday Baba Pooja are served a hearty annadhanam meal as per our cultural tradition. These meals are cooked by Guruji’s sishyas and our devoted temple volunteers. We can also cater for your private cultural function at the temple. We seek sponsors to support our annadhanam food donation program.

Start a new beginning with blessings!

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