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Temple Founder


Hare Krishna. People born into this modern world have many desires including money, assets, relationships, arts, education and ultimately peace and happiness. However upon fulfilling one desire, our hearts immediately pounce to attain another. Therefore, we are endlessly entangled in a web of dissatisfaction.

This phenomenon is described in Hindu Vedanta as “Maya Prapancham” (“Maya Suzhchi”). As advised by our ancient Rishi Gurus, in this human life we are woven into the invisible Maya matrix and mesmerised by the desires it imposes on us.

This is inevitable – regardless if you are rich or poor, young or old, educated or illiterate.

The only way to be relieved from this Maya matrix is to set aside our external influences and listen to the true voice within us – the voice of our Gurus and the voice of God. This may seem near impossible to most of us today, however, everyone of us can achieve peace and happiness whilst leading a fulfilling life in this Janma (life-cycle).

How is this possible?
By following the advice of our Gurus in Hindu dharma, we can truly be directed in the right path to attaining God. By doing so, we will also get all our desires fulfilled in this Janma and attain peace and happiness not only for ourselves, but also our family, friends, our future generations to come and the wider community. I sincerely pray for all devotees to gain peace and happiness in their lives.”




Guru Rajaramji